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In Memory of my daughter, Ally
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My daughter, Ally, took her life on 7/6/06 at 22 yrs of age. It's difficult to understand why she choose to do this.
How Could our Mental Health System Fail so Badly?
My daughter, Ally, was admitted on 7/4/06 to a psychiatric ward because she had stalked her ex boyfriend, was intoxicated and was violent.  She had been in the same hospital in May 2006 for attempting suicide by overdose.  This hospital released  her on 7/5/06, giving her enough bus money to get herself home.  When arriving home she hung herself using an electrical extension cord.   

I  cannot find the words to describe the feelings of anguish that I have sufferend every second since the day we found Ally.  My thoughts endlessing race through my mind trying to figure out what went wrong.  I ask myself over and over again how the hospital could have released Ally without calling a friend or family member.  They must have seen in her file that she had recently attempted suicide.  Her recent behaviour of violence was bizarre and she was not acting typical.  

2006-08-01 03:57:29 GMT
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I want you to know,, that i am very sorry and that your daughter is beautiful,,, sending you gentle hugs and thank you for sharing her with me. Kim Johnson, Dillons Mom
2006-08-14 19:40:08 GMT
I'm so sorry for your loss, the system also failed me, i lost my son Waylon Jennings Ellis to hanging on 4-11-06. She was a beautiful girl, i know where you're at, my heart aches for you too!
2006-08-14 21:47:37 GMT
I lost my daughter by hanging also, 3-16-06, although she was never diagnosised w/ depression, or any mental health. I fully beleive it was there. Kelli had recently found out her boyfriend was cheating on her also.
2006-08-16 00:41:35 GMT
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