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In Memory of my daughter, Ally
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My daughter, Ally, took her life on 7/6/06 at 22 yrs of age. It's difficult to understand why she choose to do this.
Entry for August 08, 2006

It has been one month since my daughter, Ally, commited suicide and the pain is still unbearably strong.  I realize that the U.S. mental health system suffers great inadequacies and that Ally was not the only person that they have failed.  Recently, I  joined an online parent support group entitled POS (parents of suicides) and have learned that there are many, many, teens and young adults that have suffered similiar experiences as my daughter.  I didn't realize that this was the case. 

It's unfortuante that sometimes we have to learn by our mistakes.  I think that if my daughter had been held in the psychiatric hospital for 72 hours, or released to a friend or family member, she could be alive today.  It's true that she was severaly depressed, like most suicide victims are at the time they choose to end their lives, but with medication and therapy they can recover.  We need to change our laws and to HOLD patients that are known to be suicidal.  They should be held for 72 hours mandatory or released to a friend or family member.  WE NEED TO SAVE LIFES ...

2006-08-09 03:40:52 GMT
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